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पानी, शीतल पेय, तेल और अन्य तरल प्रसंस्करण, बॉटलिंग और पैकेजिंग के लिए टर्नकी प्रोजेक्ट सप्लायर

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होम उत्पादPiston Filling Machine

High Frequency Piston Filling Machine Compact With Rotary Transmission

High Frequency Piston Filling Machine Compact With Rotary Transmission

    • High Frequency Piston Filling Machine Compact With Rotary Transmission
    • High Frequency Piston Filling Machine Compact With Rotary Transmission
  • High Frequency Piston Filling Machine Compact With Rotary Transmission

    उत्पाद विवरण:

    Place of Origin: China
    ब्रांड नाम: Sunswell
    प्रमाणन: CE, ISO, SGS, UL
    Model Number: GYH30-6

    भुगतान & नौवहन नियमों:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    मूल्य: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Seaworthy Wooden Case
    Delivery Time: 30 days
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
    Supply Ability: 100 sets per year
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    विस्तृत उत्पाद विवरण

    High Frequency Piston Filling Machine Compact With Rotary Transmission





    GYH series is special for edible oil filling, capping and equipped with rotary transmission, PLC and frequency adjuster in speed. It is innovated and designed in the requirement of edible oil technics, on the bases of introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced technology abroad. It is reasonable in structure, safe to operate and easy to maintain, which is an ideal choice for edible oil producers.



    Bottling of edible oil, syrup and high viscous liquids.



    • Compact structured, good-looking, easy to operate and highly automated.
    • Parts with contact with material are all made of stainless steel of food-grade, no dead angles and easy to clean up.
    • Filling volume is controlled with film valves to ensure accurate filling.
    • High-speed and highly accurate filling valves ensure no loss of liquid at high speed.
    • Liquid buffer element specially designed inside filling valves can eliminate the cutting affection and wallop between liquid and container, easy to eliminate the air bubble in material.
    • Capping heads are magnetic constant-torque equipped to ensure capping quality with no damage.
    • Highly effective cap sorting and feed in system is protective for feed in and cap absence.
    • Equipped with overload system to safeguard machine and operators.
    • Equipped with cap absence detector and bottle jam-up detector, which could stop the monoblock in that case.
    • Equipped with output calculating function for monoblock.
    • Main electronic components (touch screen, PLC and frequency inverter) are imported products.

    Equipment Structure

    Bottle infeed

    Bottle infeed by combination of infeed screw and infeed starwheel.
    Equipped with bottle jam protection device.

    Filling Machine

    The design of filling structure is reasonable and hygiene dead angle, the run of equipment is stable, it can control the material from the bottleneck.
    The filling system has liquid level automatic control.
    Filling valve lift is controlled by the valve elevator, after filling valve contact the bottleneck, it starts to fill.
    Bottle is conveying by the wheel in the filling part.

    Flip (Press-on) Capper

    Electronic control system part

    The electronic components like PLC and transducer are from Schneider, Mitsubishi, Omron, etc., and the pneumatic devices are also from international famous brands.

    Main Specification

    • Touch screen: THINGET or Weinview
    • PLC program controller: Mitsubishi or Omron
    • Inverter: Mitsubishi or omron
    • Photoelectrical controller: Omron
    • Proximity switch: Autonics
    • Other electrical components: Schneider
    • Pneumatic component: Airtac
    • Main motor: Siemens





    Number of working positions

    filler 30, capper 6


    10000BPH (500ml), 5000BPH (5L)

    Applicable bottle

    diameter 50~200mm, height 150~360mm

    Material supply pressure

    0.03~0.08 MPa

    Vacuum in filling tank


    Air supply pressure


    Air consumption

    0.5 M3/min

    Installed power of motor


    Rated voltage

    380V, 50Hz

    Machine dimension

    2740mm×3310mm×2950mm (L×W×H)

    Machine weight




    High Frequency Piston Filling Machine Compact With Rotary Transmission

    High Frequency Piston Filling Machine Compact With Rotary Transmission



    सम्पर्क करने का विवरण
    Zhangjiagang Sunswell Machinery Co., Ltd.

    व्यक्ति से संपर्क करें: Mr.Howie Sun

    दूरभाष: +8613921964455

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